Considering a radio

Considering the TH-9800 (4m version) from Sinotel. Looks perfect for Raynet stuff.

Diplexer plans: Make yourself a diplexer courtesy VK3ZAV

Questions posed to the vendor:

  1. Recommend a diplexer to split the 2m+70cm side from the 4m side
  2. Recommend a diplexer to split 2m and 70cm – assuming the rig can’t handle this itself
  3. Can the cross-band repeat function be locked down to only transmit on receipt of a specific CTCSS tone?
  4. Can the TX power be set independently on the two sides of the radio?

New radio for me, if they come back with the right answers…

FT-450d post-reset

Things that need changing on FT-450d immediately after factory reset:

  • PNL-C.S -> SWR
  • P M-FST -> VM1TX
  • P M-UP -> VM1REC
  • Step -> 1 (step/split button, not menu)
  • Add GB3FX – 50.81 tx, 51.31 rx (+0.5MHz offset), 82.5Hz tone

to be updated as I recover from a factory reset 🙁