Antenna Resources

Arrow II Satellite Antenna plans, including duplexer

2m turnstile antenna

Satellite antenna build – design XE1MEX

The 7-Element-70cm-Yagi, Boom 100 cm

WA5VJB ultra portable dual VHF/UHF Yagi

Diplexer for HF/6M/2M & 70cm

6m Delta loop

My kind of LEO yagi

1090MHz ADSB coax colinear

DG7YBN Yagi building


An Ultra-Light Yagi for Transatlantic and Other Extreme DX

Homebrew arrow using B&Q parts

Multiband end-feds including the EARCHI

M0MCX (DX commander)and the elusive tow ball mount! – and an end-fed choked dipole (resonant feed-line)